About this blog

Since my german blog is quite frequently visited by people from all over the world (this is what my webstatistic is telling me for a long time) and I recently got some suggestions to offer at least an english version, I decided to start working on exactely that.

For this will be an extremely time-consuming task: Please be patient! đŸ˜‰ Though my english skills are not that bad, it might take forever, because I will not be doing that with thirdparty translationsoftware or plugins but will work manually on the translation of at least the “most interesting” parts of my blog.

Namely I will start with the sections concerning the practical advises on stargazing like choosing the right telescope or finding an optimal observation site, followed by the sections of Amateur Telescope Making (or better: the do-it-yourself articles) and the presentation of my drawings.

I hope you will enjoy some of the information and that I’ll be able – even in another than my native language – to convey the strong commitment, with which I am wielding this wonderful hobby: Enjoying the wonders of nature in our universe with nothing but some optical equipment and my senses.

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